PAF Academy is located at Risalpur which is a small town in the Khyber Pakhtun Khwa province of Pakistan. It is situated about 15 Kilometers south west of the historical city of Mardan and 8 Kms from Nowshera, across the bank of Kabul River, on the main road to the beautiful valley of Swat. It is at one-hour drive from Peshawar and two-hour drive from Islamabad. Both Peshawar and Islamabad have International Airports. Facility of road and rail transportation is available. The history of PAF Academy Risalpur dates back to 1910 when a cantonment was established within its premises. During WW-I, the Royal Flying Corps was set up at Risalpur, which later became RPAF Flying Training School (FTS) on 15 September, 1947. Wing Commander Asghar Khan assumed responsibilities as the first Officer Commanding of the School, and first GD (P) course graduated from FTS on 02 January, 1948.

Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, during his visit to Risalpur, elevated FTS to the status of College of Flying Training (CFT) in April 1948. The College was further upgraded to PAF Academy in January 1967 by Field Marshal Muhammad Ayub Khan, the then President of Pakistan. In 1986, College of Aeronautical Engineering (CAE) was shifted from Karachi to PAF Academy. In 2008, Air Defence Training School was also shifted from Sakesar to become part of CFT.

Today, PAF Academy is reckoned as one of the premier training institutions of the country. Its components, including College of Flying Training, College of Aeronautical Engineering, Military Training Wing, Admin Wing and Support Wing have been collectively entrusted with the onerous responsibility of training, nurturing and grooming the entire future of officers’ corps of the PAF. These components are also training the cadets from Pak Army, Pak Navy and allied countries. Over the years, officers’ training for all branches of PAF has been unified at the Academy, bringing greater harmony and standardization in military and professional training of PAF officers.


PAF Academy comprises of two premier institutions:-

College of Flying Training (CFT)
College of Aeronautical Engineering (CAE)

Military Training Wing

The chief attribute of any fighting force is its personnel high standards of physical fitness, discipline, and leadership qualities. Military Training  wing at PAF Academy is entrusted with the most important task i.e. to groom cadets’ in accordance with the customs, norms, values and ethics in armed forces of Pakistan. Military Training wing also provides ample opportunities to cadets to groom their personalities through Debates, Drama, Public Speaking, Para-jumping, Skiing, Techniques of jungle, desert, sea and snow survival, horse riding, Para-motor and Gliding.

Training Structure

Latest training aids and equipment are used to teach various subjects to cadets for their better understanding. Overhead projectors, multimedia, television, video and conventional flip charts and posters are used in the classroom teaching. Literary Activities are vital feature of cadets’ training. It aims at developing leadership and the art of public speaking in the cadets. All Pakistan Declamation Contests are also regularly held to develop and broaden the intellectual horizon of the cadets. To increase general knowledge and awareness about various current and future issues, guest speakers are invited to speak on their subjects of specialization.


Cadets are provided with adequate facilities to pursue games and sports of their choice. Officers and trained instructors supervise the cadets’ sports activities. Bi-annual Inter Squadron Competitions are held in different games. Cadets show great zeal and fervor to win trophies for the prestige of their respective squadrons. The squadron excelling in games and sports is awarded the Championship Trophy. All such activities are aimed to engender healthy competition and instill esprit de corps among squadron members. Facilities for the following games are available:-

Hockey Squash Fencing Volley Ball Tennis Cricket
Football Athletics Basketball Swimming Riding Golf

Co Curricular Activities

Besides outdoor games, a number of facilities and clubs for indoor activities like Body Building, Table Tennis, Billiards, Snooker, Chess and Drama are also available in the Mess. Additionally, the Academy also provides ample opportunities to inculcate and develop the personal hobbies of cadets. A well-equipped Hobbies Club is housed in an independent building that provides facilities of painting, aero-modelling, para gliding, photography, electronic model designing, woodworks and music.

Cadets' Counselling

Cadets’ Counselling Cell is established in Military Training Wing, where a psychologist is deployed for providing guidance and counselling to cadets on personal and professional matters. Frequent sessions are organized to give opportunities to cadets to discuss various issues in a congenial environment. A tutor is also appointed from the faculty for each Aviation Cadet. He is the local guardian and academic counsellor of the Aviation cadets. He meets the cadets frequently to discuss their academic performance as well as help solve their personal difficulties and problems.

Accommodation in Cadets’ Mess

The Cadets’ Mess is the living accommodation of all cadets of PAF Academy. It is a grand complex which is designed to provide facilities of messing, accommodation, recreation and social activities. When a cadet reports at academy, he / she is provided a dormitory which he / she shares with three of his / her course mates. As he / she progresses and becomes senior, he / she moves to a two-bed independent room where he / she stays for the remaining period of his / her training. All measures are taken to provide a balanced diet to the cadets so that they maintain good health during their training period. The affairs of the cadets’ mess are managed and controlled by the officers of the Military Training Wing.

Medical Facilities

Medical facilities are provided to the students as and when required through the medical inspection rooms established at Academy. However, in case of any severe illness or specialized treatment cadets are referred to the upgraded military hospitals functioning in Nowshera and Peshawar.

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